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Halle Berry is an accomplished Hollywood actress and soon, she’ll make her directorial debut. She’ll be directing and starring in Bruised, a movie featuring MMA. Berry needed to brush up on her fighting skills. So she hired one of the best MMA fighters in the UFC, Brian Ortega, to help her train for the role.

How Halle Berry and Brian Ortega met

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Ortega is one of the best fighters in the UFC. At UFC 231, however, his undefeated streak was derailed by the champ, Max Holloway. That said, things rebounded quickly for him. As MMAjunkie reports, Ortega was in the audience of UFC 232, and it just so happened that Berry was there, too. 

The two talked for a bit but went their separate ways after the event. After this short encounter, Ortega started researching her work, and Berry also studied up on him. She was in the process of making her directorial debut, and she needed high-level fighters to train her. Berry soon reached out to Ortega, and he gladly accepted. 

What ‘Bruised’ is about and what Ortega taught Berry

As BJJ World said, Bruised is centered on an MMA fighter called Jackie Justice, who’s played by Berry. Justice is a “disgruntled” fighter who spiraled out of control, but her 6-year-old son stopped her from going off the deep end. Bruised will be about her struggle to redeem