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Red Bull Threatens to Leave F1 If They Don’t Get Their Way on Engine Development – The Drive

Here we go again! Red Bull is threatening to pull both its eponymous flagship team as well as its sister AlphaTauri team out of Formula One if the series doesn’t freeze engine development starting in 2022, reports Auto Motor und Sport

Recently, Red Bull and AlphaTauri’s engine supplier Honda announced it was withdrawing from F1 at the end of the 2021 season. As a result, Red Bull driver program head Dr. Helmut Marko told Auto Motor und Sport that the team would prefer to take over development and keep running its current Honda power units. 

The reason? This would keep the team from having to rely on another manufacturer who also runs a team in F1, as is the case with all three manufacturers staying in the sport: Renault, Mercedes and Ferrari. However, Red Bull also wants a fighting chance at winning races despite this shake-up, hence the request for a development freeze.

How many times has Red Bull threatened to quit F1? Especially over engine drama? Too many times to count. Red Bull had a nasty, messy divorce from their former F1 power unit supplier, Renault, that really kicked off in 2015. To say that Renault’s power units didn’t meet Red Bull’s expectations would be an understatement. Fans all but started betting when (not if, but when) Red Bull’s cars would retire from races due to an engine failure for a while. 

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