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Horse Racing Betting Industry Looking for a Bounce-Back Year – European Gaming Industry News

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The good momentum in stakes seen in the early part of the year (increase of 5% until mid-March) was halted by the consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic (decline of nearly 60% over the two months of lockdown). The gradual recovery since the lifting of lockdown in mid-May has accelerated with the gradual resumption of sporting competitions, including most of the national football championships in Europe, and the return of Amigo on 8 June. As such, the decline in stakes was limited to 18% over the half-year compared with the first half of 2019. They totalled €6.9 billion, breaking down as:

  • Lottery stakes down 13% at €5.8 billion:
    • Of which -15% for draw games to €2.2 billion and -11% for instant games to €3.6 billion;
    • A 50% increase in online stakes to €0.5 billion.
  • Sports betting stakes down 39% at €1.1 billion.
  • Half-year revenue totalled €849 million, down 15% on an adjusted basis,1 and EBITDA amounted to €174 million, a margin of 20.5%.
  • For EBITDA, the mechanical impact of the decline in activity was partially offset by the implementation of a large part of the savings plan of more than €80 million for 2020.
  • From mid-June the Group has returned to an overall level of activity comparable with that of 2019. However, in view of the many uncertainties that remain, the Group does not communicate any business or earnings forecasts for the financial year 2020 as a whole. However, it should be borne in mind