5 Tips to Start Betting on the NBA – The Action Network

The beauty of betting on any individual sport is how different they are to handicap. What may give you an edge in the NBA may not at all in the NFL or hockey or baseball. Even the markets are different: There’s a reverse run line in baseball, for example, which obviously isn’t a thing in any other sport.

While tackling each sport individually can be fun, it can also be quite overwhelming when you’re first getting into it. And the NBA is no exception, so let’s dive into a couple tips to get you started betting on the best league in the world.

Betting Tip #1: Keep track of injuries and resting players

If you’ve ever bought a ticket to a Wednesday night NBA game weeks in advance and then found out the day of that a few of the star starters weren’t playing, you probably already know that this is a major factor in NBA betting. “Load management” is a real thing, and it definitely affects the betting market.

And it’s not just resting players: Since the NBA is a high-contact, daily sport, injuries are quite common.

In betting, especially on the NBA, information is gold. And that’s most true when it comes to players’ statuses due to injuries and rest.

To be honest with you, it can be a bit of a moving target: Some players will be ruled out way in advance of a game, while others will be designated as a “game-time decision,” which means you won’t know their