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SBC Digital Summit Latinoamérica: Ensuring integrity in South American football – SBC Americas

One of the most important components of football competitions is the authenticity of the sport. Passion and interest depend on ensuring fairness in matches and, indirectly, this also increases sports betting activity.

During the SBC Digital Summit Latinoamérica, Alejandro Domínguez, president of the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL), Graciela Garay, Ethics and Compliance Officer, and Julio Lansac, Integrity Officer, delivered the keynote ‘Ensuring integrity in Latin American sports betting’, which kicked off the ‘Sports betting in focus’ track, sponsored by BetConstruct.

“Since we first started in CONMEBOL four years ago, we have set ourselves a main goal, which is ‘believe big’, to promote the transformation and professionalisation of South American football. In this process, honesty, transparency in management and compliance with regulations, were key to rebuilding the trust of the audience in this institution,” said President Domínguez.

“Thanks to this team of great professionals that work for the confederation, today we can say that we are moving in the right direction and that CONMEBOL is once again an institution that leads and drives the transformation of South American football with legitimacy and institutional credit recovered,” he added.

During the panel, CONMEBOL’s Ethics and Compliance Officer Graciela Garay stressed that the administration’s starting point was the determination to “give back to football what belongs to football.” She said: “We found ourselves in the need to start generating processes, policies, reversing cash payments and setting bank accounts in less than four months, that’s one of our historic measures.”

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