If suspended this season, Telefónica believes that LaLiga should refund an amount or not charge them for the remaining matches – Explica

If last week it was Orange that published its financial results for the first quarter of the year, today it was the turn of Telefónica, which has also confirmed the agreement to merge O2 with Virgin Media in the United Kingdom. On the occasion of all this, the Spanish company has held a telematic meeting with the media in which its managers have discussed various current issues.

One of them has been, once again, soccer. On the one hand, the possibility of canceling the remainder of the season, and on the other, the request by the Government to broadcast an open game of Real Madrid or Barcelona every day, something that, precisely Orange, already stated a few days ago that it would be Telefónica’s responsibility.

What if the rest of the season is canceled?

At the telematic press conference held today by Telefónica, José María Álvarez-Pallete, President of Telefónica S.A., Laura Abasolo, Director of Finance and Control, and Ángel Vilá, CEO, attended. Precisely the latter has been responsible for answering questions related to the always controversial football theme.

Last week, Orange assured that the losses of TV clients due to the season stoppage had been minimal and that, next year, they will continue betting on football because “it is a key content in the Spanish market.” In this sense, Telefónica has recognized that have noticed the temporary and definitive cancellations of the soccer packages, especially in bars, which have been forced to close due to the state of