Suspension of El Clásico Overshadows Matchday 10 in La Liga – High Press Soccer

This was supposed to be the weekend of the first El Clásico of the season.

Barcelona, which was not exactly dominant in Wednesday’s win over Slavia Prague, is nonetheless rolling. The Catalans have won their last four domestically, by a combined score of 11-1.

Real Madrid, on the other hand, was last seen in Spain losing 1-0 at Mallorca last weekend. RM bounced back to beat Galatasaray on the road in a UCL game they desperately needed on Tuesday, but would have been a heavy underdog at Camp Nou, where the game was scheduled to take place.

Instead, the best game on the slate is … Osasuna-Valencia? Sevilla-Getafe? Atletico Madrid-Athletic Bilbao? With that in mind, I have one thing to say before explaining why we’re not getting Barcelona-Real Madrid: 1) No, I do not recommend betting on and/or clearing your schedule for any of those match-ups.

So let’s talk politics, I guess …

A new meaning of the term “political football”

The political unrest in Catalonia is such that La Liga and the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) did not feel comfortable holding the game in Barcelona this weekend. Politically, it’s a complicated and fraught situation that is difficult to explain. But in a few words – not that one or two sentences is enough – many people in Catalonia want the region to secede from Spain, and the Spanish government would, uh, rather they didn’t. I could go on, but this isn’t the first time* politics directly impacted soccer in Spain, and it surely